Saturday, October 17, 2009

Bah Halloween Humbug

So I just had what I thought in the moment to be a clever idea. I thought I'd look back at old posts from a year or more ago to try to appreciate how far we've come. (Can you tell I was needing a little pick me up? Sense any desperation much?) I even though, "Hey! I know! I can even write to myself of a year ago, and that will make a really meaningful writing activity, a great blog post, a way of reflecting and a process of self discovery!" (Stop retching, it's rude.) So, getting all excited, I tell my husband the idea, and, sitting next to him, I open up Rooster Calls and look up my blog from last October.

J was reading it over my shoulder, noticing in synch with me what was painfully obvious and obviously painful: What I wrote then I might as well have written today! Yes, it's just one post, but a year ago? The Roo? Said the EXACT SAME THINGS about Halloween, and now we deal with the EXACT SAME struggles.

Ah, so much for growth! So much for trying to be clever. Well, anyways, so much for Halloween. I'm going now to search for another post from about year ago that validates me in some way or other, or I'm going to the kitchen to main-line the gfcf Halloween treats I ordered online for sixty trillion dollars.


jess said...

those moments just suck.

i'm there with you today.

with all the movement forward that we've had this year, the past few weeks have felt an awful lot like a slow slide backwards and the last few days it accelerated like nobody's business. tears have been my little one's primary mode of communication again and i find myself right back to that place we used to be - doubting every parenting decision i make with nary a friggin clue what to do.

it happens. but two steps forward with one back is still one step forward, right? i mean, right?


Niksmom said...

If it makes you feel any better, we're boycotting Halloween this year bc it was such a miserable experience for us last year. Oh, sure, Nik looked utterly adorable in his floppy-eared puppy costume, but he was miserable.

Of course, since it's on a Saturday this year, we *might* give it a try...but I wouldn't hold my breath.

ghkcole said...

Oh, Jess, you are right, of course. I'll tell you what my husband says, "Even when he seems to backslide, at least we know what is in there... all the good is still in there, and we will find a way to bring it out again." Hang in there, friend. Thank you so much for sharing support with me.

ghkcole said...

Niksmom, I so wish we could come over and boycott with you. And I'd love to see your boy in that costume you described, but I know how you feel.

pixiemama said...

I think Halloween sucks. It SUCKS. I'd like to boycott it, because it is a recipe for disaster, where we all end up exhausted and disappointed, but somehow, the kids want to try it again year after year after year.

And then I'll flip it around and tell you that for the first time in five years, Foster is going as something other than a home-made Thomas box-train. So what if it's a homemade Wall-e?