Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Water, Water Everywhere

Sorry, this is another shameless teacher intrusion alert: I'm not here to write about autism today. I am here on behalf of some third graders thirsting for knowledge. They are learning about water shortages, and they generated a list of questions that I'm posting below in case any of you happen to know any ... uh ... water experts. A longshot, but it never hurts to try.

If you ... or a water, uh, expert ... can help us out, just post here OR email ghkcole at yahoo dot com. Our focus is on understanding the environmental problem of water shortages and thinking about how the community can come together to make things better. Heady stuff in our third grade.

Third Grade Wants to Know...
How can we tell if water is polluted or usable?
Are we doing something in increase the water pollution problem?
Where do people face water shortages?
How do you clean water?
What problems do we have with water that are not about pollution?
Is there enough water for everybody?
What is the difference between filtered and tap water?
What would happen if we ran out of water?
Is our water in the United States cleaner than in other countries?
Who can help us solve water shortage problems?
Will we ever run out of water?
How can we conserve water?
What will happen if we take water out of the ocean and try to use it?
What convinces people not to waste water?
How can we use water efficiently?
How can we stop pollution?
What can we learn from the water problems and solutions of past cultures to help us solve our water problems?

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Gwyneth said...

Arrgh. I have worked with so many water/sanitation specialists, and I haven't kept in touch with any of them! I'll see if I know anyone out here in Malawi working on water issues that can help you out.