Sunday, July 20, 2008

Notable and Quotable Three

Rooster's Grandma R: We used to have a squirrel in our yard who loved to eat cashews.
Rooster: Mommy? Why did a squirrel want to eat cats' shoes?

Me: Peaches, you are a piece of work. (Peaches is melting down about nothing. And everything.)
Peaches: I am NOT a piece of work. I'm a piece of PEACHES!

Me, to a teacher: Did you see the rooster's new shadow? (YES, we finally got a behaviorist.)
Rooster: Right there! On the floor! Right there on the floor is my shadow!

Peaches: I have a tummy and Rooster have a tummy, and mommy have a BIG tummy! (No, I have no plans for more babies. Yes, ouch. Must get to a gym.)

Rooster: Mommy, you listen. Do you understand me? You DON'T talk that big mommy talk to me, okay? You hear? I don't like that big mommy talk. For five minutes! Okay? You be quiet. I'm playing."

My favorite, due to its rareness, but lacking all humor:

Rooster: I don't like that, Peaches.
Peaches: I'm sorry, Rooster.
Rooster: I forgive you. Let's play.


Niksmom said...

These all made me giggle...except the last one. That made me smile from my heart.

jen said...

thanks I needed a smile today :)

I love those moments when you catch a glimpse of the sweetness that you know if there....

hold on to that one.


jen said...

your blog today clicked with me as I overheard a conversation with my own little ones just this morning that was strikingly similar. Inspired by the marvelous Gayle - I blogged about it as well :)