Sunday, July 27, 2008

My Paltry Offering

I feel recent losses acutely, and I want to send strength, hope, courage, solace to those for whom the losses strike even closer, but I where did my strength, hope, courage, solace go?

The faith of those who rise up in the face of loss amazes me over and over again. And it humbles me mightily.

I want to learn from my friends with faith. I have long been trying to learn. Your faith is beautiful, friends, and I look at it with great admiration. I am sorry to let you do the heavy lifting, but glad that you can do for others what I am as yet unable.

In my shameful drought of strength, hope, courage, solace, I send this, all that I have, to those who are hurting: love. I send love. I wish I had more to offer. I hope you will forgive, and accept the love I send, as it is all I have.


Anonymous said...

Sending you a hug tonight.

Niksmom said...

Aw, sweetie, it's more than enough. xoxo

Mary said...

And it is all we need. Thank you.

pixiemama said...

Downside to this lovely community? Real hugs are hard to accomplish. Your family continues to be in my heart ... your paltry offering more than enough.