Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Coconuts, Anyone?

When I started blogging, I sent an email to some friends to say, hey, I haven't felt like telling everyone one at a time how rotten I feel, but if you wanna read the blogoversion, here it is...they read, lurkerstyle, and sent me amazing support via email, even if they didn't know what to make of the rooster. They sent good love anyway. Those friends keep it coming, still putting up with my endless ranting, and, you know who you are: I LOVE YOU! Thank you. The emails, the calls, the good vibes and nice thoughts - I feel 'em all.

Some nice bloggers out there who were WAY ahead of me in special needs discovery took pity on the new confused and selfpitying girl on the block, and they showed me the survival ropes. I thank all of you who have become my friends along the way. You send me amazing support through your comments. I feel your love for my little rooster boy even though you've never seen his gorgeous little smile. I read all your blogs and hope that someday I'll have as much to offer as you all do.

So I wanted to say today that I know someone who I think could use an extra dose of the amazing support possible out here in the blogosphere. She has good listeners/readers, but it seems like she'd welcome as many supporters as she can get as she wrestles with the issues many of you know so intimately.

If you are a special needs parent and blogger and you haven't checked out Jen's blog, I want to tell you that she is newish in this neck of the woods, though her story starts farther back than mine does, and I wish I had smarter comments to leave on her pages, because she deserves them, but my brain has turned to mush. Maybe you have the right words for her? Help keep her from going coconuts?

Jen, hang in there. You are doing great.

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jen said...

your encouragement is so very appreciated...blessings to you gayle & your little rooster & peaches too!