Sunday, December 11, 2011


I have been given strict orders not to touch this... magic. Under penalty of being sent to my room, and other black magic consequences.

You see, my son tells me that his magic kit needs to "gain strength" so he will have "more power." His buddy McCabe from after-care at school told him that the recipe for improving magical powers involves GATORADE and RUFFLES, which, as you can tell, have been carefully mixed in my baking dish, beneath Roo's magic kit. They must sit there, undisturbed, I am told, for 10 days.

I've been sitting here staring at the photo and the above paragraphs for minutes, trying to figure out a conclusion to this post. Isn't that silly?

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Diane Perin said...

Hah. Maybe the magic power is that it made you sit still for a few minutes. Now THAT is magic a lot of moms could use. I know from my own experience that this time of year can be a wild roller coaster of emotions for a mom dealing with a child on the spectrum. Take care of yourself ... and maybe contemplating "the magic" will help. I'm thinking I might need some gatorade and ruffles myself. Hugs to you.