Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Sort Yourself

Dear World With Whom Rooster Comes in Contact,

Let's make things a lot simpler for us all. Please sort yourself into two groups. In group One, let's have those of you who have some understanding, concern, empathy, interest in, or tolerance for my son, a difficult but extremely loveable seven-year-old who has autism. Have a seat right here next to me; I'll bring you coffee, and you can rest your eyes, hang out on my sofa and skip the rest of this post.

Everybody else, those of you I will euphemistically refer to as The Other Group, please state your damage. Keep it simple. Help me understand. I'll even make it really easy, "race to the top" style, and I'll offer you multiple choice. Are you:
A. a victim of some type of abuse or condition that renders you unable to have understanding, concern, empathy, interest or tolerance for a loveable kid?
B. purely lazy? You don't want to have to deal? Not into effort?
C. mean? Yes, I am talking to you, as a matter of fact. Because I know what to do about groups A and B. I know that the members of group A just need some understanding, concern, empathy, interest and tolerance themselves, and I know that the pervasive gang in group B will come around one day when their lazy butts are on the other side of prejudice and bigotry, but you people in C? You people who just. want. someone. to. fight? Who just have to make life into one conflict after the next? I just want you to identify yourselves. Hands up, and here is your placard. I want to see you coming. So I can walk an extra ten miles out of my way to avoid you. Growing up we had a saying, "I ain't got no time for you!" You people have taken up enough minutes already. Identify yourselves, and march on -- the other way. Whichever way the Rooster's family is not marching.

We'll be headed that way, over there on that virtual sofa with cool kids who are sipping coffee and making the world better (sometimes even educating those folks in A and B even) and there is absolutely no room there for the likes of you. Consider yourself NOT INCLUDED this time, if you get my drift.


BenBearsMom said...

Saw your comment on my blog and decided to pay you a visit.

1st I am working on the sinking. Thanks for reaching out. It helps.

2nd I relate to this post so much I can hardly explain it. It was a reading experience in which, even though I don't know you, I swear you were right inside my head. We could totally share a sofa and coffee together in that first group.

Gwyneth said...

Yeah, I'm getting awfully tired of mean people, and I don't even have to put up with them all that much. I think you're too mice, in fact. Instead of just sending them the other direction, I say we ship them all off to their own country to make eachother miserable. I'm thinking Somalia. Oh wait, they have enough misery to deal with already.

kim mccafferty said...

Save me some room on that sofa. I'm nodding my head at every sentence. I think this should be handed out, well, everywhere. Great post, and devastatingly accurate!