Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Two Hands

Even before I had children, it seemed to me that moms should get the gifts on their kids' birthdays!

Well, I don't even like receiving gifts on my own birthday, so I surely don't need any tomorrow, but I do feel a little like it's my special day, too; my boy turns six, and I celebrate the anniversary of becoming a mother.

Six years ago tonight, I had control of the TV remote, an ENORMOUS belly, high hopes, and a little trepidation. Some things have changed, and some have not. I wonder if you can guess which ones?

Six years ago tomorrow, I had a gorgeous, blue eyed, feisty, insatiable baby who wailed heartily most of his waking hours and stole my heart. Again, can you tell what has changed and what has not?

Happy Birthday, Rooster. Thank you for filling my life with gifts.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to the little one, and happy "birthing day" to mom.
My lil miss monkey turned 5 (May 18th) so we're celebrating too

jess said...

Happy birthday, sweet boy! And congratulations, Mama.

Niksmom said...

Wishing your delightful Rooster a very happy birthday. And wishing you continued gifts of all kinds. xo

pixiemama said...

Happy Birthday, Roo! And happy birth day, mama.

love & miss you.

One Mom said...


kim mccafferty said...

I can clearly remember the night before I gave birth (planned c-section)to my first-born, knowing it was my last night as just a wife, not a wife and mother. I had NO idea what I was in for, but I'm certainly glad I took the journey! Happy birthday to your little boy!

Melissa said...

Happy belated birthday Rooster!