Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Grab Bag

People with inquiring minds have been asking: So what happened next at school? What about the bullying and teasing?

And I want to answer, because I so deeply appreciate the concern. Thank you for thinking of us. Only that part of my brain, that section of my voice, has gone AWOL. I would post about school, but I just can't yet.

Instead I bring you my first ever ADHD-style grab bag of thoughts I've wanted to share.

A little bit of Notable and Quotable

Peaches: Are TOES private parts?
Daddy: No, toes are not private parts.
Peaches: Well, then, WHY do I HAVE to wear closed-toe shoes to school?!!!!

Me: Rooster, did you have a good day?
Roo: YES! Just only one little time out.
Me: Why did you get the time out?
Roo: Because I told the teacher, "You can run, but you CAN'T HIDE!"

Next, an epiphany and a question:
Since my husband's grandmother recently passed away, a few people wanted to make donations to a cause in memory of her. His aunt asked, "What autism charity would be the best choice?" Amazingly, we don't know. We were stunned to realize we know very little about nonprofits that help families with autism. It made us wonder: Is there some amazing charity that helps kids with special needs get services? Preferably one that doesn't care about anything else but helping kids like ours experience things like classes, camps, horseback riding -- whatever makes kids happy while relieving parents a bit. (We would prefer an apolitical charity, as we at Casa del Rooster don't really have the oomph left over at the frazzled ends of days to contemplate any political matters beyond voting in elections.) If you know of an organization like that, let me know. If not, hey, let's start one!

Oh, my. Guess what we discovered? I feel like I just clawed my way to the best dress in Filene's (sp?) Basement or something. We found ZPizza. Not impressed yet? Listen to this: ZPizza is in our neighborhood. They sell organic pizza and related good stuff. They sell healthy salads. And. They. Sell. GFCFSF pizza made with daiyana cheese. And it does not cost a whole paycheck. And... are you sitting down? They deliver it. Wait: They are also VERY NICE and extremely considerate. My whole family can eat there happily after catching a movie next door, or call 'em up and tell 'em what to bring us. I'm thinking if we ever adopt a child or a puppy I will name it Z. I'm a little excited. I receive no kickbacks whatsoever, but I am telling you to find a ZPizza and eat there, pronto. See you there.


pixiemama said...

Hurray for ZPizza, but hold off on the puppy. Trust me. Just trust me.

Niksmom said...

LOL at the "You can run but you can't hide" remark. PRICELESS!

BTW, a caveat for those with legume (peas, beans) allergies or sensitivities: Daiya cheese uses pea protein so be prepared. But I'm super thrilled that you guys have found pizza you can eat! YAY!!! :-)

kim mccafferty said...

Not sure if this is what you're looking for, but POAC (Parents of Autistic Children), located in Brick, NJ, is wonderful. They provide free trainings for teachers and police personnel throughout the state, as well as many fun opportunities, such as surfing, horseback riding, a huge picnic, etc. Their email is www.poac.net, and phone is (732) 785-1099. They're a non-profit, totally financed by private donations. If I ever get my manuscript published I'm hoping to write grants and solicit funding as a "real author". That's the goal...