Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Notable and Quotable 14

Me: Peaches, why does it get harder every day to get you dressed? When you were two, you were such a good girl getting ready in the morning. Every day you take longer and longer and change more times. It's making me a little bit crazy.
Peaches: Well, it's hard to be a teenager.
Me: You are three!
Peaches: Well, it's hard to be three, then! It's hard to be a kid! You don't know!

Rooster: Can I watch Rat-a-tat-touille?
Me: You already watched it, babe. Why do you want to watch it again?Rooster: It's off the chain insane, dawg!

Peaches: I am going to be a princess and live in a castle.
Me: Can I be a princess?
Peaches: No.
Me: Why not?
Peaches: You have too many lines. Your face has a little bit of lines. And your feet...
Me: My feet?
Peaches: Your feet are OLD.


Kate said...

too many lines? hysterical. someone should tell that to Princess Anne.

Jess said...

Awesome - I love the three year old teenager. I have an almost nine year old teenager.

Niksmom said...

"Your feet are OLD." Ouch, that one had to hurt! ;-)

pixiemama said...

They sure do have a way with words!