Thursday, February 18, 2010

Favors Party

I'm a ridiculously compulsive brainstormer.

My favorite line is, "What if?"

And I take rejection pretty well. I've had tons of practice.

So this latest crazy idea came to me today.

What if we (you know... us...) had a little favor exchange? What if, in the manner of all things Craigslisty, Freecyclish, a la Community Bank, we had some kind of site where, uh, we, could post favors we need and favors we could give, and we just, well, swapped? Not like bartered, more like on the pay-it-forward honor system.

I'm imagining posts like this:

- Offer: My kids love the rhymes I make up about them, and they love to make up rhymes, too. Feel free to email me your kids' names and some facts about them. My kids and I will send you our creative verses in about a week or two!

- Needed: My social stories stink. Anyone have a good one I could use with my son about not talking to strangers?

- Offer: World's best Googler here; if you are looking for something and get stuck, give me a holler...

Hmmm.... I'm not sure it's doable, but the concept intrigues me. What's your take?

1 comment:

Niksmom said...

My take is that we kind of already do this through FB and Twitter, email and blogs. Don't we?