Friday, November 20, 2009

Notable and Quotable Eleven

Me: Rooster, behave yourself.
Rooster: You TOO, Mommy. You too.

Peaches: Mommy, what are they talking about on the radio?
Mommy: (quickly turning off the news, talking about Ft. Hood) A man had a fight with some friends.
Peaches: And they died?
Me: Yes, honey.
Peaches: Like Michael Jackson? And Rosa Parks? And Noah from the Ark?
Me: Yes honey. I am sad to say that is true. Those people died.
Peaches: But nobody in my family dies.

Me: Peaches, STOP touching your brother, or...
Rooster: (hand up) Mommy, I can handle this! Peaches, you behave!

Rooster: Ew, daddy. Stop kissing mommy, that is gross.

Rooster: Mommy, can I kiss you and we get married?

Peaches: When I get big can I marry Rooster?
Me: No, honey, that's not how it works.
Peaches: Ohhhh! But I really want a ring. A big one.


redheadmomma said...

love how Rooster can handle himself with Peaches :) LOL


my kids always want to marry each other too, I tell them that's fine, I know I'll miss it when they clue into the fact that that's a bad idea. Noah wants to marry a classmate, me, Maya, a friend, and two teachers. He *is* a loving boy. :)

miss you! R

pixiemama said...

Love you guys.

Anonymous said...

The ring? Oh my. Starts early, huh?? ;-)

jess said...

LOL! love these. what a great way to start the morning!!