Monday, September 7, 2009

Robot Tea

I love introducing people to each other. Sometimes I even have a knack for it. Sometimes it works out to my detriment.

For instance, I used to have these two close friends. The guy was my roommate when, straight out of college I did a fellowship at a magazine very much like a journalism version of the Real World, and four of us from around the country came together as strangers to become editors and roommates in California. The girl I met a year later, in Texas, after I'd edited a story about Teach for America and realized I wanted to change my life and join. She was my closest buddy at TFA boot camp. I told her, "You'd be great with my old roommate." I called him and said, "You'd be great with my new friend." But they lived in opposite parts of the country, then in different countries, and this went on in different permutations for years. Finally, I told them both via email, "If you two ever meet, you will fall and love and get married, I can absolutely feel it. So, here are the email addresses. Meet." They have three kids now. Sure, they stopped talking to me as soon they fley into LA to meet up at my apartment for the first time, but at least they are happy. (I say that last part with just a tich of old resentment at being cast off, you know, but just a tich.)

That being said, I hope you will not forsake me when I introduce you to someone. I mean, I hope you love her and all that, and I expect you will like her blog better than you do mine, but still, keep in touch after visiting over in Canada, eh? Be sure to tell her Rooster's mom sent you, and, please, let her know her family will be okay. She could use some blogosphere love and support.

But, ahem, so could another lonely blogger still stuck in Cali you might know... so please don't forsake the yenta, is all I'm sayin'...


Stephanie said...

Oh. Oh oh. I was so slow to respond to your comment on my blog and here you have so wonderfully introduced me to your people here. Thank you so so much.

redheadmomma said...

Oh, this reminds me of the time I introduced my two best friends in the 8th grade and they left me in the dust.
But that is not now! We have plenty of love for all! Stephanie is a beautiful writer. I'll go say hello. And are we still on for our girly date on the 27th? *wheee!*R

pixiemama said...

I'll go check her out, but you're not getting rid of me so easily.

Anonymous said...

now i'm singing

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