Friday, September 25, 2009

Medical perspective

Today, J and I became indignant about our son's health care, or lack thereof, and I flew into my fix-it-frenzy, emails flying. Today I felt sorely neglected by pediatricians, and that makes me hotly indignant.

Today, though, I read what it's like to be indigent. Almost sounds the same? Much worse.

Once again, perspective smacks the Rooster's Mama, who OFTEN needs that kind of smacking.

Please read a powerful blog post written by a dear friend of mine who, though younger than I am, has always taught me things. (Love you, Gwyn.)


Niksmom said...

Don't think of it as "a smacking"; rather, consider it your opportunity to open your eyes and share with others. Your experience is your experience and it's no less distasteful. It's the state of medical care in this country.

Gwyneth said...

Love you too, Gayle. And you are one pretty amazing woman yourself!