Friday, July 31, 2009

Notable and Quotable Seven

Upon picking Rooster up from camp today...
he grabbed me, turned to his love interest (she's six), and proclaimed, "See, I told you she's not in jail!"

Upon returning from my arduous jog, and collapsing in a heap...
Peaches climbed onto my body, put her hand on my stomach, wrinkled her nose, and screeched, "BIG TUMMY!"

Upon telling my husband that he should go ahead and spend money on something even though I might disagree because, after all, "You make money, you should be able to use it how you want to, because it's yours..."
he looked at me with utter sincerity and said, "It's not mine! Everything is ours, because we have a shared destiny, because we're a family." (Don't roll your eyes! It so was NOT cheesy! It wasn't!)

Peaches asked me if I could give her, "pink tails." Ever since her hair grew long enough, I've tried to get her to let me put it up, and if she's going to let me, I'm going to let her believe that the style is named after her FAVORITE color, and not after farm animals that wallow in mud.

Rooster asked me if tomorrow, when his cousin turns one year old, he could give her a special present. What? Daddy's wedding ring. I suggested maybe a stuffed animal or a cute onesie, but he was pretty determined, and tried his best to rip the ring of J's finger.

Driving home, I see Rooster in the rear view mirror clearly giving me the finger. Since this is a first, and totally unmotivated, I asked, "Why are you doing that, son?" He added a little extra thrust of the offending digit in my direction and said, "Because it's BAD!!!"

My family... notable, quotable, quirky, and loved.


Elsita :) said...

You have such a special family!
I LOVED the part about rooster wanting to give his daddy's wedding ring away as a present! That part really made me smile!! Rooster has the best sense of humor :)
And here is a totally unrelated little story :
Today my daughter Natalie said: Mommy, germs are everywhere, that's why we need to wash our hands all the time, but I have a question: are germs from Germany?
Wasn't that funny!
Kids come out with the best ideas!

pixiemama said...

OMG. I can just see the Rooster giving it the extra thrust in the air as he proclaimed it "BAD!" Forgive me while I snicker. Feckin' kids at school, anyway!

And pink tails? The need to be officially renamed that, of course. It's not like pigs have two tails, anyway.


Niksmom said...

Oh my God! These had me cracking up. That Rooster, he's B-b-b-bad to the bone, isn't he?! ;-) But the one from your husband? Made me smile from the inside out. He's a good man. xoxo

nosuchmom said...

Would it be inappropriate of me to ask if I could marry your husband? ;)