Saturday, July 25, 2009

Lest We Forget

Peaches can say "because" now, has been able to say if for months, and still we we miss "cubuz."

Today Peaches asked me who made babies. Rooster asked Peaches if she has "boobies." I can't hook Rooster's size 6 shorts on him anymore, and he's only five - I'm struggling to wrap my head around going to the store to buy him the next size. He finally mastered using the mouse today, motivated by wanting to visit the iCarly web site. He told me that Amy, from camp, "broke up" with him. Peaches wants more "lipstick" (Chapstick) and some clip on earrings, and she has a preference for a particular hair stylist, who puts on sparkles and HAIRSPRAY after the bangs are trimmed. My three year old walks around the house wearing what she calls her wedding veil. In some ways, they grow up too fast.

In that spirit, I will admit that I am glad:

Peaches still uses this construction: "Why you have on glasses, mama?"
Rooster hasn't perfected "th." He wants me to play "wiff" him.
They both sing hysterically misunderstood lyrics to songs. Two different versions for each song, both wrong, both loud and unapologetic.
Peaches wants to hold my hand going down the stairs.
Rooster runs up to hug and kiss me when I pick him up from camp.

I am also glad that they are growing up, too. I am excited that:
Rooster always does his own seat belt now.
He introduces me to people I don't know.
He's less and less interested in Sesame Street (-- though I will always treasure Sesame Street).
Peaches can do the 24 piece puzzle I bought for Rooster, and enjoys doing it over and over and over.
When I told Roo I was proud of him the other day, so proud, he showed off his new spelling skills and asked, "Could you b-u-s-t bust?!"
We threw out all the old, broken sippy cups today. Except in the car, the kids are drinking "big kid style" now.

I absolutely own that I'm a curmudgeonly sort. But I make it plain, too, that under my Oscar the Grouch costume, I'm all Elmo Loves You. I never forget to treasure my kids, no matter how it might seem. I might talk about being cursed by the deities (they mess with me, I swear they do!), but I also know I am, come what may, a lucky, lucky mama.

This is a complicated life, this. Everyone's. Tragedies and challenges and the mundane and joy and loveliness, all interwoven.

What makes you glad?


Elsita :) said...

I know, they grow so fast! it is a mix of joy and nostalgia to see it happen...I was looking at old pictures of my kids from last year and they look so different now.
What I enjoy the most about them growing up is the connection that they're developing with each other. Diego says I love you Natalie, Natalie teaches him little things through her drawings. It is beautiful to watch.
(I am impressed about Rooster doing his own seat belt now, Natalie just started doing it, at 6 :)

Niksmom said...

This post made me glad. :-)

redheadmomma said...

such fantastic milestones you're seeing :)

I'm glad about lots of things, but tonight? I'm glad about A/C. :) XO

Anonymous said...

fluffy's smile. i swear, every time i see it, it opens me right up.