Thursday, May 28, 2009


sometimes you have to go away to appreciate what you have at home,
like the town mouse and the country mouse,
but sometimes you just have to have company come make your home more home than it was, and open your eyes to what you already had.

today pixie mama and i left the pacific ocean and within two blocks passed a high school, so i told her that i would find attending classes so near paradise more than a little distracting. she looked out the window and the streams of teens flowing out onto the street with their cell phones, back packs, and surf boards, and said, "they probably don't even notice it anymore." it wasn't a sad or critical statement, and i know just what she means... there was a lot of truth in that.
pixie mama has said a lot of smart things this week, has made me see what we have right here, and made what is right here much nicer.
i am pretty sure i am dreaming.
i am pretty sure this week didn't really happen. i hope it did.

like, today, the rooster climbed into the car and started talking about -- I KID YOU NOT -- his -- and THIS WAS HIS VERY OWN WORD -- "plan" for the evening. he wanted to go home, eat his gfcf version of a pb&j, help bake brownies, watch tv to help him wait for them to cook, then eat the brownies.

i am pretty sure i would not have been more shocked if he outlined either party's strategy regarding the newest supreme court nominee.

did i even explain to you that my child used... entirely appropriately and with detail... the word "PLAN"????????????? and how he said he would WAIT? he used that word several times today, and even better, he DID that word several times today!

was it pixie dust? was it the fact that this morning he went to see our kookie voodoo doc for some, er, vibrating wand therapy for his, um, head tightness and unsomething whatchacallit of the, like, fluids or something? was it aba? the dream theory makes the most sense really, and surely i was dreaming of all these things today, like...

skybluepink. just before pixie came, i (dreamed that i?) got a call from hr saying i NEEDED to use up my last personal day or else use it! so today, i took the day off and i (dreamed that i?) drove pixie over to the small local spa i haven't seen the inside of in a couple years, and we chilled for an hour. i almost could not manage to lift my butt cheeks off the changing room chair when we finally had to go, because i (dreamed that i?) turned to jello. from there we headed to my small local downtown shopping area with our wish lists, like a nose ring for pixie and end of the year gifts i need to give teachers. in one block, everything (in my dream?) went DING DING DING! see something we wanted? just happened to be on sale! not on sale? the proprietor decides to mark it down just for pixie! it took no time at all to get everthing on the list and some extra joyful goodies... pixie dust? i think maybe.

i had to pick peaches up at lunch because my personal day didn't include full day child care, and my often darling child was the only bad dream element of the day, but we love her anyway. she is just peachy even when she's not.

it's been a crazy week, a week that can't be real. it's been a week of good talks, of JOGGING WITH A FRIEND, of shared meals instead of handfuls of processed food eaten on the fly, of spare hands to unload the car or help a child and spare ears for us all, of trips to the ocean we've lived next to and ignored for far too long, and of unbelievable strides by my darling rooster boy who soared to amazing heights...

i'm full. i'm happy. i'm sad that pixie leaves tomorrow.

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redheadmomma said...

what an incredible, incredible week. You both must be so sad to have it end. Thank you so much for blogging it.

I wanted to tell you that I adore looking at pictures of you, because your eyes look exactly like my grandma's eyes when she was young. It's like looking at her every time I see you. This was my grandma who I loved dearly and lost in 1985.

And I finally get a tiny bit of what you went through with the passing of your own beloved grandma. Many hugs to you. SO glad you had a whole week with Pixie. How amazing that the stars aligned like that. XO R