Friday, May 22, 2009

Get Me to Shape Up?

I am loathe to ask favors. It almost pains me to ask.
(How many of you are inching away from your monitor right now? Here it comes...)

When I read the following online today, I thought how nice it would be if anyone might feel like ... oh, I don't know ... maybe, possibly, say ... nominating me? Since my son was born five years ago, I haven't slept well or taken good enough care of the bod. I'm loose, soft, weak, out of shape. My jaw aches, my posture's poor, I rarely feel like walking up to my fourth floor office, and I've changed so much, I'm like Clinton pre and post white house.

So, for anyone with time on their hands (HA HA HA) looking for a writing exercise... pun intended...

Balanced Place announces our Give Back Pilates program! We want to give people a chance to get the help they need, but can’t necessarily afford. Pilates benefits everyone and every body: If you have a friend or loved one who suffers from poor posture, joint instability, and muscular imbalances or one that just wants to feel young and move freely, please nominate him or her. One individual will be selected each quarter to receive free private Pilates instruction for one month. Our Give Back Pilates blog will monitor the recipient’s progress. Nominations are simple: write up a 250- word paragraph on how and why your nominee could benefit from Pilates. Then, email
Our first chosen student will start July 5, 2009. All submissions must be received by June 21, 2009.
Visit or call 310-402-6712 for more information."

Or not.

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