Friday, February 13, 2009

A Meme, Kind of

We had a guest presentation at the school where I work today. A fascinating artist and professor named Kip Fulbeck came to talk about his art and his background. A great deal of his work pertains to identity, specifically with regard to diversity, though I don't think he likes it put that way. He gave us interesting things to think about, entertained us, and provoked us. He put out there an assignment he gives his students, and I found it interesting. It's a list of 40 things, broken down this way:

List 10 things you are SEEN AS. 
List 10 things you are SUPPOSED TO BE. 
List 10 things you are AFRAID OF BECOMING.
List 10 things you ARE. 

If anyone wants to give it a try, later I'll post what he observes when people share their lists. You can send them in comments, or if you want I can link to your blog post. (I know 40 is a lot, but if Kia gives homework, can't I toss out there a little optional extra credit?)

Kip never gives an assignment he doesn't do himself. In that vein, here are my 40:
Seen as:
1. Strong
2. A mother
3. A teacher
4. Too sensitive
5. Emotional
6. Opinionated
7. A few pounds overweight
8. Jewish
9. A teacher
10. A leader

Supposed to Be
1. Strong
2. Organized
3. Positive
4. Happy
5. Grateful
6. Optimistic
7. Nice
8. More involved in fitness
9. A good mother
10. Satisfied

Afraid of becoming
1. Hopeless
2. Crazy
3. Lonely
4. Regretful
5. Closed-minded
6. Lazy
7. Someone I'm not
8. Complacent
9. Bad
10. My father

1. Tired
2. Loving
3. Creative
4. Unique
5. Grumpy
6. Frustrated
7. A mother
8. A teacher
9. A writer
10. A friend

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mama edge said...

This was great! And I didn't you you were a membah of the tribe - bube!