Monday, November 10, 2008

What If

The Rooster's speech therapist encouraged us to practice the construction, "What do you think..."

So Saturday we started working on "What do you think about..." and "What do you think will happen if..." because these are the kinds of questions you often hear in school. We have asked him so many questions that he can see it coming from the sound of the "Wh" and I thought he might have started to tune out. 

Tonight I sat on the bathroom floor watching the Roo playing with his cars in the water, and he looked at me and asked, "Mommy, what do you fink if I zoom my car over the side of the bath and then fast down into the water?" I said, "I think it will splash." He said, "Yeah. And I fink I will laugh. Let's see!" 

And for once we were both right. 


pixiemama said...

I LOVE this story.
What if we could always stop and enjoy the good moments?

Niksmom said...

This is glorious! Smiles, splashes, and laughter. Yay. :-)

Anonymous said...

I relish in those moments, and I try my best to be silly and play with my kids -- by their rules and in following their lead. But, I don't always succeed, so thanks for sharing the short story to remind me.