Sunday, October 19, 2008

Dennis Leary, Genius

I think Dennis Leary is a genius. 

He says autism is just a word lazy parents use as an excuse for rotten brats. 

He SAYS that, he doesn't actually think it - he just needs a CAREER, and lately, more and more people probably would say, "Dennis who? Is he that stupid guy who thought he could do football commentary?" No, that is the other aging Dennis Who Once Was Funny. So Dennis wrote a book, and he knew that his mother couldn't buy enough books to keep him in the lifestyle he assumed he deserved, so he thought he'd stir up business by stirring up the rancor of two people, minimum, per 150 births these days. He knew he could gain a few minutes attention with his comments, and then a few more with his (lame) apology (read: excuse). 

So I say he is smart, even if he is NOT funny.  From what I hear, when he IS funny, he has stolen the material, and is widely believed to have stolen much of it from a former friend who died of cancer. Classy. 

So I think Dennis probably knows a lot about brattiness and laziness - he seems like he has firsthand experience. Which, despite having kids, I don't think he has with actual parenting. 

Okay, so Dennis smart. But let's be smarter. Let's bury his name with this post. Let's not read him, or his book, or watch him,  or discuss him, let alone buy any of his recycled schlock. Let's not even Google his name, which, by the way, is NOT spelled Dennis. I just always get a tiny rush of pleasure from misspelling the names of people who otherwise make me sick. And as the (hard working, attentive, noncompetitive) parent of a child with autism, I need all the little pleasures I can get. 

By the way: I LIKE dark comedy. I don't think topics are "off limits." I can make and enjoy good jokes about just about anything, including the dramas I live through first hand. I just have both a good sense of humor and a good sense of taste. Some of you blogging moms who are reading this now? You make me snort; I have sprayed my Coke all over my monitor sometimes while reading your posts. (Thanks for that Kia and Mara; what a mess.) You'd think professional comics would get what we all do: funny things have a grain of truth at least -- that's why we laugh. 

Dennis, you can kiss it. Nobody thinks you are worth laughing at. 

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Niksmom said...

This deserves a standing ovation! :-)