Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Today, the first day of school, seemed like a day of grace.

In other words, by virtue of not going horribly, we consider it a success. We have a sliding scale here, and low standards.

Or, to get specific, this is what passes for a banner day for us (and I know without any doubt that we are unlikely to have more such days in our immediate future):

The blood tests the Rooster needed got him to school less than an hour late, and his father took him this time.
The third shadow assigned for fall actually showed up for the first day of school only half an hour late, but had a good excuse and seemed like she might really work out and actually have a commitment to showing up on a regular basis. Though she has to leave early every day this week.
The consultants coming to my important meeting for work showed up 35 minutes late and kept my bosses and me waiting awkwardly, but they had good ideas and showed real potential. I just don't think we'll be able to afford them.
Balancing my mommy job at school and my school job at school did not keep me from eating real food during a real lunch period. Someone even shared their fruit tart with me for dessert. So much for dieting.
The biting incident that happened in Rooster's class DIDN'T INVOLVE HIM. (For this, I did a happy dance.)
Peaches only cried a little when I left her in her classroom for her first ever day of real, big girl, half-day preschool.
No grownups cried. Not even me. Not even my coworkers.
I did not have to pull the car over on the way home to stop any bleeding or assaults in the back seat.
I did not overreact to my kids' poor behavior in any way that would have caused me to have to apologize to the children for losing my marbles.
I managed to make hypochondria jokes at my own expense over my current and recurrent health fears regarding tummy trouble, though I'm sure I'll be sleepless later tonight envisioning my imminent demise and worrying who will do the laundry when I'm gone.
After all the chores, I have enough left in me to blog.

You see? Banner day. I am thinking of sending out press releases. But you realize I'm in for an awful day tomorrow, don't you?

I'll keep you posted. I can already envision tomorrow's blog: The High Price You Pay after a Day of Grace


pixiemama said...

A banner day indeed! Good for you! I think it's time for all of our kids to be back in school. In fact, I think that any presidential candidate running on a full-year school calendar platform would win by a landslide, especially if the election was NOW, when all of us weary parents are trudging through the back-to-school transition. (I know, you're a teacher and you're probably cringing.)

Thanks for your comment - ditto. I'm keeping you in my thoughts and prayers as you work through this difficult time. I'm hoping you get out for more dates with your husband, too. :)

Niksmom said...

Well, you know, grace is all in your persepctive. I'd say that was a day of grace, indeed! :-)

Let's hope today didn't make you pay for yesterday's grace! ;-)