Friday, April 17, 2009

Ups, Downs, and All Arounds

First, about the shirts.

If you want to participate in the Alex Barton t-shirt project, I'll dye you a shirt any size you want. Lemme know. First five I hear from get tye dye love from the rooster and me. But don't worry I need to feel the love -- I am sooooo sooooooo entirely, completely, utterly, undeniably, unfathomably, infinitely supportive to and sympathetic toward anyone who cheers on the project but opts out for full plate reasons. Oh, yeah. I am cheering on countless walkers for numerous good causes, I am there in spirit for my school's Big Sunday work service day, I send my regrets to the birthday celebrants, and I'm probably dropping out of the amazing online post graduate program I deferred last year in the hopes life would --- HA! HAH! -- get easier. I am a huge believer in It's the Thought That Counts. I am regularly blessed with oceans of good thoughts, and I'm grateful. And I know we send the waves of good thoughts cascading to the shores of the Barton home, and I know they feel it there.

Second, about song.

A hard, hard, hard week not just for me but for people close to me finally begins drawing to a close. About ten minutes before the end of my work day, I could barely tolerate the fatigue, and having taken only five minutes for lunch, I decided to wrap things up. Slowly dragging my way down the four flights, schlepping my giantabag and mamapurse, weighted down even more with the thoughts of an impending night of ABA at home, I had no expectation that I'd happen about a moment of light and beauty when I reached the ground floor, but that happened: I found myself witnessing a rehearsal of our school choir. When I approached, children 12 and under stood in a semicircle blocking my path, but why would I want to keep walking? They sang Hope is a Thing with Feathers, and my eyes filled with tears. They were not there to sing to me, but of course they were. I wish I could share it with all of you. Beauty and joy.

I have yet to decide if weeks or weekends win the Difficulty contest, but I'm hoping that tomorrow and Sunday bring you and your family some rest and joy, and some things with feathers.


Niksmom said...

Hoping your weekend is filled with things with feathers!

The choir? I love such unexpected moments! Beautiful.

pixiemama said...

Hope is, indeed, a thing with feathers.

No accidents.


jen said...

We've got to hold on to hope!

I'm a firm believer that there is no such thing as a coincidence - I'm glad that you were blessed by a simple song.

keep hoping my friend, we'll keep hoping along with you.