Thursday, April 30, 2009

To Capitalize or Not

Peeps, I need your input.
I really need your input. Calling all reasonable inputters.
So, I have a hard time leaving my house for, like, an hour. I miss baby showers, retirement parties, well, you know... everything.
And now I am going to the EAST COAST for work at the end of June.
I need to spend at least three nights in D.C. for a conference, plus the travel days...
And I can't decide what to do.

Choice 1
I can go with just my coworker, who happens to be a dear friend. While there, I can try as hard as possible to meet up with long lost friends and dear old college buddies who live in the area. It'll be fun. For J and the kids, it will be a monumental struggle, and I'll be worried about them. I've gone away twice before. The first time, J forgot to pick them up at daycare for over an hour and was charged $400, among other snafus. The second time, they all got stomach flu and relied heavily on my inlaws for physical and mental relief.

Choice 2
I can bring J and the kids along this time and make a vacation out of it too. My mom and stepdad, who live about 5 hours south, can meet us there, as it has been WAY too long between visits, and this way we won't have to fly to see them, which is more than double as hard (two more expensive flights with a long layover in between, followed by an hour drive across the state line). My mom and stepdad can help J out with the kids while my coworker and I attend the conference during the day, and we can all hang out each evening. But we'll miss a couple days of therapies, and we'll have to travel with the challenges of the ism... searching for gfcf foods, dealing with time change, sleep challenges, etc.

I am torn. Mostly, I want all of us to go, but I also remember how hard it was when we did it two years ago. And yet I don't want to be "grounded" forever by autism. The Rooster has grown so much since then, and he would probably have fun on his travels... On the other hand, the whole thing sounds crazy.

I guess the third choice would be to tell work that I just can't go. But D.C. is my favorite place, filled with people I want to see, and this is the most important conference for people in my position.

I'm so conflicted. I know there are way bigger and more important problems, and you are all busy, but I feel like I've gotta toss it out there just in case: Anyone have wisdom for me?


pixiemama said...

I think you should go. All of you. And I am super selfish. Because I'm trying to think of a way I can get down there to meet you.

Foster did great on the plane trips to Disney. He plugged into his Leapster and was really the least of my concerns the majority of the time.

Do it! And call me, so we can find a way to meet (as if your schedule didn't seem busy enough).

My verification word is restr. Surely that's a woo sign!

Paula H said...

We took two children with us to Mexico for a week. Talk about CRAZY. BUT, it went far better than I thought it would. I think the support you and J would be able to give each other and the visit with your Mom outweigh any anxiety over making the trip. Trust me, we worry far too much about how our children will handle different situations. Will the traveling be rough? Probably. But, you'll all get a break from the day to day grind. See you this summer :-).

Niksmom said...

Go. All of you. Trust me, you can prep some gfcf snacks for the actual travel and I am SURE DC has gfcf foods. I'd bet money on it. You have time btwn now and the trip to do some research, find things you need and ask your blogging friends to give you more suggestions.

You'll never know if you don't try. Go for it! We're only a couple/few hrs from DC, too. :-)

graceunderautism said...

I'm with pixiemama, I think you all should go. Have some fun times and make sure there are plenty of down times for the kids and yourselves. He's come so far and he may surprise you.

I took my boys to vegas on my own 2 months ago and I was terrified. The only day that was terrible was the day we tried to do stuff from the time we woke up till bed time.

kyra said...

gee. it's a tough one.

if you REALLY want the whole family to go, i say, do it! two years between this sort of trip is a long time and things can change, surprise you, in a good way. you can bring headphone, a cap, a stroller, novel toys, leapster (as the great pixiemama suggests) or an ipod or talking book or this or that or the other thing for the plane, the travel itself.

but if you feel this is the way to take care of the family, i say DON'T have them come. let yourself go, be in one of your favorite places in the spring with the blossoms. see friends. have time to yourself. trust that J will be okay, will take care of it, even if things get a bit hard. that's okay. you're still allowed to have a break (well, it's not a BREAK since you'll be working!) but i mean a change, a step out of the routine.