Friday, December 28, 2012

Informal Education

During his vacation, my son has:

  • made his own "movies" using ToonTastic (incredible app!)
  • read more than one dozen books (all the while asking me about new words and trying them out in his own sentences)
  • helped decorate for Hannukah and Christmas
  • played more with his sister than I ever remember, taking turns and sharing and using imagination
  • gone to the park and made new friends
  • learned new games
  • practiced typing on my laptop
  • done chores and helped in the kitchen
  • visited tide pools
  • practiced his math with me with less resistance than usual
  • spent quality time with relatives
  • slept soundly
I wish his school could reach him the way this vacation seems to. 

I am an educator, so I never mean to sound disrespectful of schools, teachers, learning or learners. However, what I witness as a parent is that the various societal pressures have been misplaced upon our kids, particularly ones, like my boy, who have autism, and I admit that there I days I fear my son's school does him more harm than good.

I am grateful that we have another week to learn and grow and rest and love at home together.

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