Friday, May 11, 2012

Happy Today

Dear Rooster,
Sunday will be Mother's Day, and I thank you for making me a mother.
The week after will be your birthday, and I thank you for being my son.
The first week in June will be the 10th anniversary of your dad and I getting married, when we officially started our journey toward you and your sister.
All the milestones that stretch ahead of us and behind us remind me that every day is precious. I see each part of my life differently since you entered it, and that is a very good thing.
If you should ever look at my life for clues, the way I examined the family history of my mother, her parents, and theirs, read this post, and know that the biggest single thing of all, the biggest thread from me to you, has always been love. Amid the noise of all my yapping with worries or stresses or anything else, you have given me more reason to celebrate than you could ever imagine.
Happy everything.

I love you, so big, forever,

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