Saturday, February 25, 2012

This is How We Roll

I have the best and most generous husband.
He loves me, supports me, puts up with all my craziness, and also deserves a dad of the year award. He is so great that he will not mind me telling a story about him; he knows we laugh with him, not at him.

So he calls me from the store today, and it goes like this.

"Hey, honey," he says. "I heard you say we needed bread for the Rooster so I stopped at the store to get it. Do you need anything else?"

"Oh, thanks, J. No, I just really needed the bread. Feel free to pick up some protein the kids will eat too, if you see something good, but bread is the only thing I really needed urgently."

"Okay, bread and protein, and we will see you soon."

He comes in with four bags of groceries. I put them away.

Later that day, he says, "I'm glad I stopped at that store." Shopping is not his usual thing, and he's feeling good about his efforts. "Did it help you out?"

I say yes, it did. "Thank you," I say.

He says, "We should be okay for the week ahead now, right?"

I go to about 4 grocery stores a week, but I don't want to sound unappreciative. I say, "Well, I might still need to shop a little. Because... did you get any bread? Because I didn't see any."

He scratches his head. "Yes, I did. I bought bread. Didn't I? I mean... I went for bread right? I thought I... wait. I will look. Let me check the... I ... no. I didn't get any bread."

He did buy chocolate muffins. He did buy donuts. He did buy pizza.

Mind you, none of those are for himself, or for me. They are free of gluten, dairy, nuts, and soy, from the ridiculously expensive specialty store we consider ourselves lucky to have in the neighborhood, where we go especially to make sure our Rooster always has his favorite, beloved, Udi bread.

People, this is just who we are. A rooster who has special bread needs. A somewhat organizationally challenged dad who always, always helps his ornery family. A peach who spent the day trying to negotiate her way into a donut or a muffin (to no avail). And a mom who blogs about it.

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Darcy said...

Very, very cute.

No one understands why I go to 4 grocery stores...I feel like I spend half my free time grocery shopping. :-P I'm so glad one of them is on the way home from Husband's work so he can stop there sometimes!