Thursday, September 29, 2011

Happy New Year

So, how are we these days?

You know, it depends when you catch me.

If you ask me in a good moment, I will tell you:

My boy's passionate love affair with books has reached a much more intimate level now that he can read chapter books by himself, and I get too caught up in the romance of that and spend over my budget at (We need to reacquaint ourselves with the library very soon.) Peaches loves learning in kindergarten and kicks math's butt. My husband remains amazingly creative, and I am getting the hang of my new job.

If you ask me in a rough moment, I will tell you:
Rooster is experiencing bully problems, and they scare me, unless I read the news, and then they terrify me. When I see Peaches at age five doing twice as much math with fives times as much accuracy as her seven year old brother, it is all I can do to run in my bed room, close the door, and repeat 1000 times, "Thou must not compare, thou must not compare, thou must not compare...." and, "he does things in his own time, in his own time, in his own time." (Can you even COUNT the oblique math references in that sentence, I ask you?!) My poor husband has zero time to work on his creative passions, and I fear I am partly to blame, as my new work has shifted some responsibilities his way.

I am trying hard to stay in the good moments. It's my resolution for the new year.


Stimey said...

I know. I'm happy to hear about the good things and giving you a hug for the hard stuff, because it is so hard.

kim mccafferty said...

It is almost impossible not to compare our kids... The bullying issue in our schools remains absolutely terrifying, I agree! Hope the New Year brings you some more positives soon!