Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Trying Not to Brag

Okay, I never like to witness bragging, and I surely don't like to participate in it myself. But we proud mamas have to celebrate, and special needs parents especially will appreciate some of these accomplishments, I think. Can I get a, "Go, Rooster"?!

1. My boy correctly used three different temporal phrases lately. He said:
  • "Remember, a long time ago, when..." (And he didn't mean five minutes ago!) (Go, Rooster!)
  • "Do I have to go to camp tomorrow?" (Yes, in fact, he did have to go to camp!) (Go, Rooster!)
  • "Yesterday you said I could..." (And so he could!) (Go, Rooster!)
2. Our summer camp aide is out. We let Roo go to camp for a few days without her. He actually said, "I don't want to have an aide anymore. Can I try to do a good job without her, and then maybe you can say I don't need an aide anymore?" We are proud of him for wanting to take that big step. Doesn't mean we think he's ready to give her up for good, but we like to see his growing sense of independence. (Go, Rooster!)

3. Guess who can sort of almost hopscotch a little?! (Go, Rooster!)

Please feel free to share your own good news in the comments. And don't expect all this crazy good stuff here all the time, people. Next post? A return to our regularly scheduled kvetch...


Niksmom said...

GOOOOOOO, ROOSTER!! I especially love the request for independence at camp. THAT is all kinds of awesome.

kim mccafferty said...

Brag away, happy to hear it!