Wednesday, June 29, 2011

How Are You Doing with That?

I left town for work, and that passed my Guilt-o-Meter. But I extended my trip for fun, and today I transition to the fun part. As I sit next to another conference attendee who is leaving today, someone I only met hours ago, I explain that I am staying on to enjoy myself a little with friends and mark some celebrations, and as I say it, there is no chance I can resist the urge to confess my guilt. I explain I have two kids, that they just started camp this week, that for one it's the first time at camp, that the other one has autism, and that I have guilt. She says, "And how are you doing with that?"

I answered with statements that all sounded like questions. "Like I said, I do feel guilty? But I know it's good? Because I've been a way for a few days before, but not this long? But it's okay? Because I got everything ready before I left? And I have been checking in? And it's all about baby steps? And we can't hover all the time? But, you know, it's... I... um, I feel guilty?"

And Katie says, "How are you doing with that?"

That's a good question. I guess this is how I'm doing with that.
How are you doing?

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