Sunday, February 27, 2011

One Note

I have only one real point today:
I love my kids.
I love the one with autism and the one without.
I love the one who learns easily and the one who has to work.
I love my loud, messy, impulsive kids.
I love my sweet, affectionate, creative kids.
I love my unusual, surprising, confusing, mysterious kids.
I love my kids when they are popular and when they are not.
I love them whether or not you do, or anyone else does.
I love them the same, though differently. Equal, immeasurably.
I love them when I am angry and when I am joyful.
That is worthy of a blog post because.
Fiercely, gently, hugely, and to the best of my ability, with ease and without, 25 hours a day,
I love my kids.


Kim Wombles said...


kim mccafferty said...

And it truly comes through in your posts!

kristi said...

Me too! :) Great post!