Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Take That!

Okay, pardon my journalism major while I paraphrase this post, because I'm old and my memory has holes in it the size of our school district's deficit. This gives you the gist.

My kids sat in the playroom at a small table making crafts. Each one designed a colorful creature using materials from a kit sent by their adoring and generous grandma. I eavesdropped from the kitchen.

Peaches: I'm going to name this guy autism. He's a bad guy!
Rooster: Yeah, autism is a bad guy.
Peaches: Let's punch him in the nose!
Rooster: (Laughing) Yeah, let's beat up autism!
Peaches: Kick him in the face!

Where on earth do they get this stuff?

I interject from the kitchen: Kids, you know people who have autism are not bad, right?

Peaches: We KNOW that. Rooster has autism. But autism is a bad guy!
Rooster: We're going to kick him in the face.
Me: Well, you don't have to like autism. But I don't hate autism. Because I know a lot of people with autism and I really like them.
Peaches: Well, but autism is not good. I mean, the people are good, but not the autism.
Me: Maybe. But punching something you don't like doesn't seem like a good idea. I don't like "beating up" talk. I don't think you should kick people in the face!
Rooster: It's funny!

My husband gets in on the conversation: You know, kids, autism means that your brain works differently from how most people think. That's all.
Peaches: This (holds up creature) is autism, daddy! He's a bad guy so we're going to make another guy who punches him.
Husband: Do you know any people who have autism?
Peaches: Yes! Rooster does. Come on, Rooster, let's play with these guys!
Rooster: Yeah! I want to beat up autism! Kick him in the face!

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redheadmomma said...

I absolutely, positively, without a doubt LOVE this. LOVE THIS. XO