Saturday, July 3, 2010

Metablog - There is no "I" in blog

I never would have imagined myself a blogger.

As a journalism major, I embraced writing for any newspaper section except sports, due to my complete sports ignorance, and opinion, due to my allergy to first person - though I had, of course, no shortage of opinions.

Friends and colleagues sometimes envied how quickly I could crank out a feature or a theater review, but when I became managing editor my senior year, I had to write every third house editorial, and I dreaded it. I procrastinated, and I leaned heavily on the generous support of our Opinion editor, Grant. I never kept those house edits in my clip file, because they never felt like mine, and I never felt comfortable with my voice.

I've kept a journal since I could hold a pen, but even then avoided "I."

So why is it that this blog is where "I" can be?

I've been thinking about this because my work and related studies compel me to blog, and I find myself once again feeling reluctant, shy, uninspired. What's the big deal that I have to blog about work? I blog all the time? But this blog, this is not work. And I don't feel like I write it; it writes itself. This blog is a gift a give myself. It's how I vent, breathe, share, bond.

I'm going to have to figure out how to blog in another element, and I am not sure how. The one thing I do know, though -- I don't want that blogging to crowd out this one. I have no intention of giving up my home here in the blogosphere where "I" live.

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kim mccafferty said...

I really get this. Not only had I never considered blogging until a few months ago, I'd never even read one. Why read a blog when you can read a book (that is, in theory, in my free time...).

I've found I love this forum too, look forward to it in fact. I think it's vital to have an outlet sometimes...