Sunday, June 20, 2010

Maybe I'm Dreaming

Maybe one day I'll look back and barely remember the sleepless nights that lasted for years.

Maybe next year will be our jackpot year for our son at school.

Maybe the social skills class he starts tomorrow will make all the difference in him relating to peers.

Maybe soon we'll discover his special thing - his blissful sport or talent or interest.

Maybe if we find the right doc or -ist or advocate, they will hand us some missing piece that will make our lives easier.

Maybe some day Roo will have a best friend.

Maybe our family will disco.ver some day that autism added far more to our family than it subtracted.

Maybe we can find a different place to live where life feels more like living and less like surviving a grueling obstacle course.

Maybe I can just find a way -- hypnosis? therapy? conversion? magic? -- to change my perspective, and that will be enough, and I will not need the other maybes.


Jeni said...

Well honey, if that's dreaming then I'll wager there are a whole host of others out here -parents and like myself, grandparents, who have similar dreams to yours. My daughter found your blog and pointed me to it because she knows I really like to have my own sort of private arsenal of parents and grandparents of children with autism to read what they're doing, trying, dreaming about. My daughter has two children, both have autism. The granddaughter will be 7 in October and going into 1st grade this fall after an excellent year in kindergarten. THe little grandson -age 4 -now attends a special pre-school program and it has been a godsend for him as well as for us! A year ago he had almost no vocabulary but today, talks almost constantly. Okay, some of it is still a bit difficult to understand but he's talking and doing great and that's all that matters to us right now. (My daughter and her children and I live together so I am with the kids pretty much 24/7 too.)
The key, in my mind, to coping is to keep on keeping one -whether it be trying something new or just dreaming of things you wish would come your way. There was never any doubt in my mind that we would find help and ways to aid our two kiddos nor did I ever allow myself to think that the therapies recommended for them wouldn't help either. And thankfully, I was right! And you will come out on the winning end too -maybe not in the timetable you would like to see, but things will come together eventually. Just don't ever lose heart and don't ever stop dreaming!

kim mccafferty said...

When you find it, please tell me how to get there. And it had better be a location I can put into my GPS... How's your program going?

Alicia D said...

ah, i can totally relate to this! :)