Saturday, April 3, 2010

Ho Ho Ho, Notable and Quotable HUMOR!

We need a laugh around here.
So I am going to give you one. I want you to humor ME, though, and read the following scene as it transpired, out loud. Trust me, it's almost worthy of a snort, this notable and quotable from my Peach, who has been a rather rotten peach while her grandma visited this week, I have to say. So, we here are grateful for the laugh and are eager to share the mirth with all of you. But get ready to read ALOUD, please. Don't preread it silently, even if you are alone in the room. This one gets its guffaw from the voice.

As a quick side note, I've never once seen my husband obsess on anything outside his passion for filmmaking until he was moved by his deep hurt and frustration in response to a certain schmockity nonsense. My heart aches at his sincere, bewildered, aching discomfort. I figure a certain someone for what she said, but I wish she knew my sweet husband and how she shook him. It is for his sake I've been looking for all the laughs we can get, and so you now need to prepare yourself to read this like a four-year-old and her weary mama:

Peaches: Mama, I see the waiter, and the cleaner upper and the cooker. Is that all? Who else works in this restaurant?

Me: The hostess.

Peaches: Hostess? What is a hostess?

Me: She is the lady who walked us to our seats and gave you your crayons, remember?

Peaches: Hostess? Do they ever call her a ho?

Me: Um, no. No. Would anyone call me Guh? Just Guh, instead of my whole name? That would be silly.

Peaches: But hostess is a long word. What if she is rushing by and they want to talk to her? They could just shout, (SHOUT THIS PART, READER, AS PEACH DID) "HEY! HO! COME OVER HERE, HO!"


redheadmomma said...

hahhaahahahahahah!!!!!!!! LOVE THIS

Unknown said...

Peaches' grampy and I laughed out loud!

Gwyneth said...