Sunday, December 6, 2009

Ho Ho Ho

I have mentioned it before, but it's time to say again what fantastic in-laws I have.

And I'd be grateful for them, to them, regardless, but let me tell you, being a special needs mama makes me really HUGELY appreciative to have the kind of in-laws I have.

First and foremost, they love us all. They listen. They HELP. They encourage and support. They lend a hand, they babysit, they invite us over, they serve GFCF food. Want to know what they do NOT do? They do not judge, criticize, blame, or hurt. Wow, I am just as grateful for all of that as I am for what they do.

We spent Thanksgiving with J's parents, and I had a serious cough, laying me kind of low. They made me feel better, in more ways than I can tell you.

And now, guess what? J has arranged our gift to each other, and between Christmas and New Year's we're spending a night or two in a hotel near his folks' home, while they watch our kids. Of course, it's my in-laws who are really giving us this amazing and generous gift, because no fortune in the world could make it possible without them, and it's a gift no one else in the whole world could give. There is no one else who has ever, let alone who could, who would, who we would want to, keep my two beautiful, darling, sweet, funny, smart, unique, quarrelsome, impulsive, high-energy, demanding, emotional, needy, diet-restricted, Good-Night wearing, sleep disturbed, early rising, rambunctious children. Heck, half the time I don't feel qualified to watch them myself.

Of course, I must not look too forward to the holidays, because that is something those pesky deities frown upon mightily, but no matter what happens, I know that my husband's parents are two of the best gifts he ever gave me.


Anonymous said...

Will your in-laws adopt us? We could use some their kind of support.

I hope you have a GREAT couple of days with your honey.

Niksmom said...

That's awesome! Do they hire out? ;-) Maybe they should start training seminars for in-laws.