Tuesday, February 26, 2008


I want to thank those of you regulars in the blog scene who have gone out of your way to welcome me, the newbie. Thank you for your time and your words! BIG thank yous. Big!

Like a freshman, I feel AWKWARD. I came to this dance rather weary and insecure, looking for a place to fit in, some good company and some relaxation, but I stood in the corner just watching for a while first not sure I belonged. When I saw MOM-NOS and This Mom modeling how to find the beat and circulate, I tentatively inched away from the wall, and eventually started tapping my foot along. Kindly, This Mom pointed and said, "Look at the new girl! Be nice and say hello!"

I'm learning so much. You know I don't know if I've EVER heard a Dierks Bentley (sp?) song before, but later, I plan to put some on and imagine my rooster and MOM-NOS' Bud rocking out. Not to mention what I'm learning about hope, strength, attitude, perspective.

Anyway, I just want to let anyone kind enough to take the time to read and/or comment on my experiences (bad metaphors and all) how much it helps me; I'm still so new that I tried to reply to each of your comments and I botched it completely. You would never ever guess, would you, that I work in educational technology. Well, part of teaching is learning, and trial and error is part of that.

I am reading more than I am writing these last few days, and it humbles me mightily. If I get quiet, it's because I'm spending time learning from Nik's mom and Gretchen and the Monkey's mom and .... and not to mention what I'm learning from the kids ... well, we are a LARGE club of lucky but challenged families, aren't we? I didn't realize how large. Can you imagine if we organized one giant play date? Oh, yeah, I guess the kids could come too...


Niksmom said...

You know, I remember back in grade school when we got a new girl in class in the middle of the year. It never occurred to me that she might have felt awkward or uncertain...she just seemed to fit in so easily. And she ended up teaching us a thing or tww as I recall. :-)

That's what I think I love best about this blogging community we've got; one day I'm a teacher, another day I feel like a freshman auditing a graduate level seminar!
But I always, always feel like I belong and have something to contribute.

jennifergg said...

Hello! Dropping by from Niksmom's blog to say welcome and I love your blog!

redheadmomma said...

No kiddin' on the playdate - I swear, all my mom friends and I do most of the time is show up in the evenings without the kids. The kids don't even get to see each other!

Jordan said...

This is so lovely. We all have those days, even when we've been writing and reading for years! We're glad you're on the scene.

Anonymous said...

sending big fat welcome love!!!!

Unknown said...

Girl - so glad to see you getting it out! Your rooster will be the amazing boy that he is! Thanks for sharing... your life and struggles and joys.
Miss you and we need to talk more!
On a side note... you always were and are an amazing writer... this is a perfect outlet for you!