Thursday, November 12, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving, Early

Dear Rooster,
Thank you for tying your shoes tonight. I know it is pretty hard, and I know it takes forever. I know you don't want to, and I know you don't see the point when there is so much Velcro in the world. Thank you for trying, thank you for learning to persevere. Thank you for your delightful smile when you finally finished. I'm so proud of you I could bust.
Love, Mom

Dear ABA friend JT,
Thank you for making the Roo tie his shoes, and thank you for teaching him how. Thank you remaining so calm and patient when he screams and throws his shoes. Thank you for seeming completely and entirely genuine when you cheer loudly at every stage of success over the weeks of shoe tying. Thanks for believing he can do it even when there is no proof. Thanks for understanding that shoe tying has nothing to do with shoes for us, because there IS plenty of Velcro in the world, but everything to do with perseverance. Thanks for helping Roo learn the meaning of the word perseverance.
Warmly, Rooster's Mama

Dear Rooster's Dad,
Thank you for talking me in to trying ABA for our son. Thank you for getting us into the program through Regional Center, signing up for the course, and spending two Saturdays in a row agonizing through the lessons. Thanks for teaching me what you learned, and for helping me apply it. Thanks for helping me remember to celebrate and be grateful. And thanks most of all for marrying me. Now please do something about those dirty clothes! I love you. Your wifecita

Dear Me,
Remember that nothing is forever; it's a double-edged sword. Appreciate what you have, and remember not everyone has it. When nothing else works, try humor. And whenever you can, sleep. Now, for instance.
Good night.


Niksmom said...

What a great milestone! Hurray for Rooster!!!

Lovely post all the way around. I hope you got some sleep.

jess said...

What a huge success! The gratitude is beautiful.

pixiemama said...

Dear Roo: Congrats, buddy! You Rock!
Dear JT: Thanks for being there for Roo, J, SBP & even Peaches.
Dear J: You Rock!