Monday, August 17, 2009

School Me

I have never sent my son off to school before.

(I have carried him along with me to my school community; not the same thing.)

Does anyone have good advice or online resources to get the Roo and me off to a (tolerable) good start in kindergarten? I'm feeling a little naseaous about the (impending doom) Fall.

I was thinking about buying the teacher a red velvet cake and maybe getting her a spa certificate. Otherwise, I'm at a loss.

And how DO you do that strikethrough business in Blogger, anyway?


Anonymous said...

Here's what has worked for us thus far ..

I have walked into every new school situation with a letter or (if we're sititng down to a team meeting) a presentation of some sort. Most recently, I sent Kendall off to camp with a 4 page letter for her 1:1 and the inclusion facilitator. I jokingly called it “An Owner’s Manual - A Guide to Kendall” basically, it was a rundown of her quirks, her likes, her dislikes, ways to de-escalate her and things to avoid. ie – please don’t touch her without warning … if she is upset, here are ways to help her calm down. I listed some of the language we use at home – ie ‘full body listening’ or ‘to me please’ to encourage eye contact and body orientation.

There’s more, but the part that I think is the most important is that the letter ends with our philosophy – something to the effect of “please know that we view Kendall’s education as a TEAM effort. We are accessible any time (and I listed 17 different ways to get hold of us just to make the point) and we welcome and heartily encourage as much communication as possible regarding strategy, etc. Please don’t ever hesitate to let us know what we can do to help support your efforts.

So far (Kenz is only in 1st grade, but we’ve done this three times now) these letters and/or presentations have been very well received and I think have helped set a really collaborative tone.

Oh, I also list her strengths!!! As a matter of fact, I always start with them. I never hesitate to tell them how proud I am of my girl ;)

I hope that helps. Don’t hesitate to e-mail me off line if you want more detail.

redheadmomma said...

My friend wrote a great document all about her son to give the teacher, but wrote it from HIS perspective....I need to do that too....

jen said...

I most certainly know your trepidation my dear - I can vividly recall how very very apprehensive, scared, anxious & prayerful I was when we were preparing our guy for kindergarten (in fact I'm feeling a bit of that again this year as we prepare to send him to a NEW school - NEW is never a good word in our oh-so-routined existance) I set up appt. with the teacher prior to school to help rid some of the anxiety & I also went out to the bus to introduce our guy to the driver - I got a sample class schedule from the teacher so he could have a clearer idea of what to expect & ultimately though it had it's hairied moments & we were on a constant learning curve - it all somehow worked out a day at a time...kinda like it always does...

I prayed a lot! hoped a lot....and braced myself for the worst....:)

I'll say an extra prayer for you & your Rooster this week!