Saturday, May 16, 2009

Coming Soon

Remember when I proposed a get together in SoCal? When it didn't pan out, PixieMama was bummed, and I said, "You know, I have a strong feeling we'll see each other anyway." That happens to me sometimes. I get a feeling something will be happen, usually something good, and it does, it works out. Now, this doesn't work in other permutations so much. Like when I worry about something bad that I think will probably happen? Then it might happen or it might not. But if I, negative me, get this intuition that something will turn out, you can pretty much put your money on that horse. And Saturday PixieMama arrives. And the heirloom earring I knew couldn't stay lost reappeared. Et cetera.

Which is to say... you know that book idea I brought up a little while ago? I might not have mentioned it in a while, it might seem like it's happening, but it's going to work out. There's going to a book that welcomes newbies to the autism blogging community. It's kind of writing itself right now. (Which is to say... all of you are writing it right now.) And it is going to arrive, too, in its own time and fashion.

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