Monday, August 20, 2012

My Vow

I was inspired by I Am An Autism Parent, to which I subscribed, to write this vow. If you are an autism parent too, I encourage you to check out the I Am An Autism Parent web site, written by Tim, and read the vow he wrote to his son. Write your own vow, and share it with Tim at this address:

Dear Rooster, 

I am not always the mother I hoped to be, but I make you this vow: 

I am right here with you, and your sister, every step of this journey, whether we are physically hand in hand or not. 
My mantra for us all will always be the same: try, learn, love, and be happy. 
I will not ask more of you than I ask of myself in this struggle; I will ask us both to be our best, our most joyful. 
I would never trade you for anyone or anything else. 
I have loved you since before we met, and just as you were within me, I am within you.  
You are a beautiful person just exactly as you are, and I promise to never forget it, to never let you forget it. 
I pledge to always love you with the strength of ten tigers. 


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