Friday, May 11, 2012

Fishing for a Gold Star

Okay, look.
I am NOT good at putting on the brave face.
But I HAVE been doing it.
Have you noticed?
If you have been around these bloggy block with me for a while you know I'm prone to more gnashing than I've done lately. More vinegar. Some wallow.
So perhaps you think things have gotten easier.
They have not.
But I've been trying to be a better sport, a little more half full.
And now I guess I am showing my true colors.
Which is to say I can only manage to keep doing this if I get my gold star for it.
This makes me deeply ashamed of myself for being so small, but also very proud of myself for keeping it real.
Ya know what I mean?
I just need one single person out there to say: Good job. Keep bright-siding.
And then I will.
Can you help a sister out? It IS almost Mother's Day and all.
And a very happy one to you, too.


MKosmicki said...

Sweetie. Don't beat yourself up. We all know it's hard. The rewards are great....but its a hard climb. Always know we are here to lift you up. You are fabulous. <3 Min of.the plains

doogie said...

Good job! Keep Bright-siding! You are an amazing mother and a great inspiration! I hope your mother's day was filled with lots of love!

Rooster's Mom said...

Thank you MKosmicki and doogie! I needed that!

kim mccafferty said...

Gold star for you (and this is from a former educator!). Good for you for asking for it. You're doing an amazing with your kids, don't ever doubt that!

Christine said...

Why am I only seeing this post now? I'm SO out of practice with everything to do with the blogosphere! Are you still bright-siding? Well, if no one has told you lately: You ROCK!! You are awesome!! Totally! Now get back to filling your glass half-full :-)

kim mccafferty said...

Little late with my "gold star", we've all been sick here, but sending it none-the-less. You're a great mom, hope Mother's Day turned out well, and that you're in a good place!